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Six Sigma methods for small organizations

Six Sigma methods for small organizations
Many people have a perception that methods like Six Sigma are mainly for multinational companies. But the actual fact is that the process is very flexible and can be used by organizations of any size. Thus, now at recent times, the methods of Six Sigma are also being used by some of the small organizations also. There may have some complications and confusions in small organizations while using the method but they can be easily confronted and solved. In fact small organizations have the capability of adapting to SixSigma much faster than the large organizations because of their features of fast decision making and effective communication system.

Deployment in the organization
Six Sigma can be utilized for any organization because it has deployments for a vast number of departments. But the small organization may have some problems such as of infrastructure while getting started with the process of Six Sigma. To solve such problems, it is advisable for the small scale business organizations to get started with the pilot program of the method. 

The best feature of the program Six Sigma is that it can be measured. Hence, the main part of the program is about training the employees with various characteristics of the process such as measure, design, improve, control and analyze. Thus, along with the large organizations, even the small companies can take advantage of gaining better results by implementing SixSigma in their operations. Though resources may be a big hindrance in case of the smaller organizations but as said earlier, this can be solved by getting started with the pilot program. Pilot program is the initial level of the program and is very much flexible and focused for small project hits. Later slowly, as the organization develops, it can proceed to the other levels of the program. 

Issues that may occur with small organizations
There are some issues that can come up in case of small organization even after implementing the pilot program of Six Sigma. To stay away from such issues it is very important to select proper project. 6 Sigma offers great results at a small span of time. Thus it is advisable to choose more than one projects and to combine them to make one project. Also the projects have to be such that can be completed with a time period of 3-4 months. The execution of the projects has to be tracked properly since the starting of the implementation. 

Other two important issues that may occur are training and the resources. Training for Six Sigma may take months and for this the employees may have to get absent from their work. But to solve this problem, now there are consultants who offer training to the employees along with their professional work. The organization has to schedule the timing for the employees in such case. The resource problem often gets solved slowly, when the organization starts getting better results after implementing the pilot program of Six Sigma. Later the organization can spread the deployment of the process to various places after having enough resources.

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