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PMP Certification – How Much Can Be The Expenses In This Regard?

The certification for Project Management Professionals stands as the most reputed and coveted certification programs in today’s business world. Attaining this certification program, a professional finds better career potentials, across all types of industries and with all types of businesses. However, you need to consider the aspect of expenses for undergoing this course. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss on the key points in that regard.
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Expenses for PMP certification training- influential factors
The overall expenditures for undergoing the PMP certification is likely to vary, depending on the following conditions:
  • If the aspirant is taking an enrollment as the member with PMI
  • Whether the candidate is opting for a self-study model or seeking the guidance of the instructor.
  • In case the candidate decides to go to the Boot Camp of the certification program, the PMP certification training cost is likely to vary, depending on the choice of the training provider.
Training Cost if the candidate is taking a membership with PMI
Paying 139 USD for the membership with PMI, you will get manifold benefits of which the most important is the cost benefit. 
Primarily, a Nonmember will have to pay USD 555, compared with the amount of USD 405, as paid by the members of this institute. The examination fee that members pay, includes the expenses for study materials and knowledge materials, necessary for the course.
Thus, taking enrollment with PMI, you will not only save USD 150, but you will be getting access to various knowledge resources for this training program. In addition, members can download a complimentary copy of the 5th edition of PMBOK Guidebook, which is a crucial knowledge resource to prepare for this certification program. Members registered with PMI will enjoy free access to sample practice tests.
Members will require paying USD 128 each year to renew the membership.
Self-study model- the probable expenses
 As it is not necessary to undergo the formal training to appear on this test, you may choose the self-study model, If you find that it is meeting the desired results to qualify the test. You will require having 35 hours of training on Project Management, officially and you can certainly meet it through self-study. However, you should have undergone some course, related to project management. Aspirants, in such instances, will not have the compulsion to undergo official training for this certification program.
Attending training boot camp- the probable expenses
If you are deciding to go to the training boot-camp, you will be getting multiple options on training providers to embrace. Experts suggest the aspirants to attend these training camps as it ensures better results. These training providers will extend the aspirants the necessary coaching and guidance that will enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge to pass the certification examination.
 The expenses for preparing and undergoing the training for the certification can add up to a significant amount. Fortunately, you can explore a training provider that can extend you quality training, within affordable rates.
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