Tuesday, 30 May 2017

DEVOPS - an excerpt of its journey from the past to the present

DEVOPS evolved from the idea that coordinated and collaborative efforts enhance business efficiency.  This simple concept apparently paved the way for the drastic growth of DEVOPS. As the market keeps changing at a massive pace, businesses felt the necessity of responding fast to the business situation. This new approach assisted them in delivering high-quality products and reaching them fast.

An overview of the genesis of DEVOPS

In 2008, the concept of DEVOPS was developed by a Belgian application developer, Patrick Debois.  He aimed towards inventing effective ways of resolving conflicts between the members of the operation and development teams so that the deliverable can be delivered fast and in a hassle-free style.

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In 2009, 2 FLICKR employees conducted a seminar for the development and operation staffs. This seminar aimed to resolve the ever-going conflict between the operation and development professionals. The duo established the point that the sole logical way for building, testing, and deployment of software is to adhere to a collaborative operating process.

The first international event for DEVOPS was organized in 2010 in the US, and within a short time, it turned into a popular event among the members of the DEVOPS community. Gartner, in 2011, predicted a 20% growth for the DEVOPS market by 2015. It was at this point that the DEVOPS community started developing open source applications like Vagrant.

The year 2012 was a golden year for this domain as the revenue figures crossed $ 53 billion. As an outcome, the events of the DEVOPS community turned more popular and started to flourish at a massive scale.

Standing in concurrent times – development of various tools

The dynamism that was imparted to the domain over the last few years accelerated further, and in today’s time, it has embraced a major part of the domain of IT technology. The most notable aspect was the development of innovative tools and applications that boosted the acceleration that the domain gathered.
  • A vagrant: This is an open source tool that is used for developing and retaining the portable Virtuality for the developers. Developers find lots of difficulties in managing the multiple stacks involved in the development process. This tool aims towards the elimination of these hassles and boosts the efficiency of the development process. 
  • GIT:  It is a distributed version of the control system and can be utilized as a server. It assists in fostering better access control as well as in displaying the repository content through the web. This tool comes beneficial in managing various repositories. 
  • CHEF: This is a tool for managing the configuration, and it ensures that all the software and files are readily available to the developers. Also, this tool assists in ensuring the perfect configuration and functionality of the applications and files. This tool mainly finds application in gigantic projects that will be having more than thousands of systems.

Watch below video to understand “What is Docker”

The concept of DEVOPS has come a long way, and as predicted by the experts, the domain is sure thrived to a significant extent in the days to come.

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