Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Steps Leading To Project Management Heaven

Steps Leading To Project Management Heaven

There can be 11 steps that can lead to project management heaven.

The Goal

It is very important and an initial step to know what your goal is. It may have customers or clients and others thus the manager should understand the level of expectations from them. Based on this the manager must aim a perfect goal. 

Clarifying the Constraints

It is very much important to understand the constraints that may have come in the project from the clients or customers point of view. This can be of time, scope or any other angle. Thus it is important to research well before judging and coming at a final point.

Role Delegation

It is not only the project manager’s responsibility to understand the constraints and to seek a goal for the project. It is also his role that he must make sure that all the other team members have properly understood their roles and responsibilities in the project. 

Adapting as Per the Requirement

It has to be understood that the aim of the project is to satisfy the clients. And so, it is very important that the project manager and his team should adapt to the requirements of the clients. 


Before starting the project, everything has to be planned so that in the middle of the project all of a sudden the project manager does not come up with a weird feeling that the steps were not correct. So, proper planning is the basic need before implementing. 

Thinking High

The project management team of course consists of highly qualified and skilled members and thus the planning can be done on high level. Planning for even the small steps can consume lot of time and money. These can be managed automatically. 

Proper Concentration on Project Completion

One of the main factors of project management is time. So, it is important to keep the planning such that the project can be completed within the time period that has been aimed as a goal. 

Project Stopped or Finished

If a project work is stopped in the middle that does not mean that the project has completed. It will entirely depend on the discussion between the project management team and the client based on various factors. 

Monitoring Progress

The best way to complete the project on time and also to complete it as per the requirement of the client is by monitoring the progress of the project. The best way to monitor the progress of any project is by using the two pen method where you trace when one particular work started and when it got completed. 

Changing Plan

When a plan has been made, that does not mean that it is the only plan that is there. If it is seen that the plan is eating up lot of time and resources, then there is always an option to create a plan B and implement it carefully. 


When you make a plan, you must have a backup for different situation. You never know when things may go wrong and this is the time when you need a backup plan. 

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

PMP Certification Gives A Boost To The Growth Of Career

Career after PMP Certification

In the current economy, the job market is very competitive because of this good competitive environment; it becomes really difficult to find a job. For those in the project management industry, a PMP certification can set you apart from the rest of the crowd. PMP certification is one of the best certifications for those in the project management certification industry. This certification shows the competency of the candidate for the different project management tasks. For this certification, you need a bachelor degree or global equivalent degree and a minimum of three years’ of project experience in management. Candidates willing to get a PMP certification must have 35 hours of project management education followed by 4500 hours experience in leading and directing projects. It is not mandatory to have a bachelor degree for obtaining the certificate. If you do not have a bachelor degree, you are still eligible for the PMP certification if you have a secondary diploma and have experience of five years in handling a project.

There Are Different Benefits Of A PMP Certification Listed Below:

Employers Will Hire You More Readily

PMP is well-recognized certification, and there are many pre-requisites for obtaining the certification, and most of the employees tend to hold it in high regard and tend to employ the employees who have this certification, and the certification in PMP makes it easy to find a job. Listing this certification at the top of your resume can be beneficial for grabbing a good job offer. Potential employers take a second to have a look at a resume and can decide whether the candidate is suitable.

It Proves You Are Right Candidate

For a PMP exam, you will need to have a good experience, for an associate at least 60 months’ of experience before you can take the exam. If you have a bachelor’s degree, it’s 36 months. Instead of checking the whole CV, the qualification will be met.

Earnings Will Also Get Boosted

The PMP certification will get your earnings a boot that really will fetch you a good amount of money and ensure the good profits to you as well. So, want to increase the digits in your salary, and then the certification in PMP is a good option for that. What’s more is that your salary will increase every year and an average earning of a PMP certified candidate will be around $6,000 to USD 10,000 more per annum compared to those who are not.

Good Networking Opportunities

The certification in PMP can bring you good opportunities in the field of networking and the project management. Taking the above advantages into account and moreover, if you are in the field of project management you can get a good job and work opportunities with this certification.

So become a highly skilled PMP professional and forget about all your worries related to the job as the employer will surely rate you above the others based on your skills and the certification you have.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Roles & Responsibilities in a Project – Based Organization

Responsibilities in Project Based Organization

PRINCE2 has got its foundation on a supplier/customer ambiance as well as on the organization themes that describes and establishes the structure of the project regarding the roles and responsibilities. However, it never explains the assignments, assigned to the professionals. Rather, it describes each role with its corresponding responsibilities. 

The three basic interests that form the overall role and responsibilities for the project are the business interest, the interest of the users as well as the interest of the suppliers. 

The different roles and responsibilities in PRINCE2 projects

  • Organizational or program management: these professionals stand beyond the scope of the project management team, and they hold the responsibility of the project mandate as well as defining the tolerance level of the projects.
  • Project board: this unit holds the responsibility to provide the overall direction as well as they are accountable for the fate of the project.
  • The responsibility of the project manager: the project manager shoulders the responsibility of the daily scope of actions, complying with the directive, set by the project board.
  • Team member’s responsibilities: the project members are responsible for executing the project, adhering to the time, cost, and quality parameter.

The Project Board needs to have adequate authority over the work process and should have the power to delegate functions and take spontaneous decisions, as and how situation demands.

Executives from the project board hold the responsibilities for giving direction to the project. Also, these professionals shoulder the entire accountability to ensure the success of the project.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the senior users? These professionals will be using the products and deliver benefits. These users will specify the advantages, and they are accountable to comply with the program management objectives.

The senior suppliers are expected to design, develop, procure, facilitate as well as implement the products of the project. They are responsible for ensuring the project’s technical integrity.

Each member of the project board holds responsibility for assuring their respective businesses, suppliers, and users. This role is collectively called the Project Assurance. Members of the project board may execute their respective project assurance, or, they might opt to delegate it.

So far the roles and responsibilities of the project assurance are concerned; the project manager should not intervene on these functions. Likewise, the team members are expected to support the project manager, serving him/her the necessary input and advice.

If various change requests are anticipated to come up, the project board should take a call, if they have the chance to decide on these changes, or they would like to set up an authoritative body that will act on behalf of the project board.

If the project has the team managers, he/she receives the task from the project manager on behalf of the team, and the team manager is expected to report back the progress of the work of the project manager on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the profiles discussed above, the project may have the support specialists. In the absence of these professionals, the project manager needs to act upon this job role.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How To Choose The Correct Certification Between PRINCE2, ITIL Or PMP?

It is really confusing to choose between project or service management qualification nowadays. So to make this work easier there are some information provided below for each of the certification.

PRINCE2 certification

PRINCE2 is the abbreviation for Projects IN Controlled Environments. It is owned by AXELOS. PRINCE2 certification programs have Foundation, Practitioner and Professional levels. PRINCE2 is one of the most renowned project management certifications. It is used so as to manage and control projects so that the performance of the project is improved.

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ITIL certification

It stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. IT is owned by AXELOS. The levels of certification for ITIL are- Foundation, Intermediate, Managing Across the lifecycle (MALC), Expert and Master. ITIL is the most acknowledged of IT service management. It is used to manage the IT services for an organization.

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PMP certification

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMI (Project Management Institute) owns PMP. PMP also has many certification levels like the other two. Like PRINCE2, PMP is also a project management certification used for maintaining and controlling projects.

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Difference between the certifications

PRINCE2 is for project management providing details about how to get a successful project.PRINCE2 has its market around the world especially in Europe and Australia.
PMP tells about the techniques of project management. PMI is mainly found in the USA.

ITIL helps to improve the IT services in an organization. ITIL increases the cost management as well as quality. ITIL is method- bases just like PRINCE2. It is globally renowned and is used to support IT services.

The market is growing very well for all the three certifications. Thus all three of them are gaining popularity these days.

How to choose the correct certification?

While choosing the correct certification, you have to go through the opportunities of employment. It is observed that accreditation varies with every industry. So it is advised to choose the industry and the type of job in which you are interested. You could see the websites of different industries and compare them by knowing about the knowledge and skill they look forward to.

Is it possible to do more than one?

PRINCE2 mainly deals with managing projects whereas on the other hand PMP deals with the knowledge that the Project Manager needs to manage the projects. It is better if you know about both of these certifications. If you get all the three certifications then you will be referred to as an all-round professional.

So, after reading this article we can say that Internet has made our work easier as it allows us to compare these online through different websites. PRINCE2, PMP, ITIL are three different certifications with their own approach.

 It is up to you which one you choose because different companies favour different certifications. Thus, having one of these certifications will surely help you further in project management. Choosing of the right certification is very important as it will decide your future.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

DEVOPS - an excerpt of its journey from the past to the present

DEVOPS evolved from the idea that coordinated and collaborative efforts enhance business efficiency.  This simple concept apparently paved the way for the drastic growth of DEVOPS. As the market keeps changing at a massive pace, businesses felt the necessity of responding fast to the business situation. This new approach assisted them in delivering high-quality products and reaching them fast.

An overview of the genesis of DEVOPS

In 2008, the concept of DEVOPS was developed by a Belgian application developer, Patrick Debois.  He aimed towards inventing effective ways of resolving conflicts between the members of the operation and development teams so that the deliverable can be delivered fast and in a hassle-free style.

Watch Below video to understand “What is DevOps”

In 2009, 2 FLICKR employees conducted a seminar for the development and operation staffs. This seminar aimed to resolve the ever-going conflict between the operation and development professionals. The duo established the point that the sole logical way for building, testing, and deployment of software is to adhere to a collaborative operating process.

The first international event for DEVOPS was organized in 2010 in the US, and within a short time, it turned into a popular event among the members of the DEVOPS community. Gartner, in 2011, predicted a 20% growth for the DEVOPS market by 2015. It was at this point that the DEVOPS community started developing open source applications like Vagrant.

The year 2012 was a golden year for this domain as the revenue figures crossed $ 53 billion. As an outcome, the events of the DEVOPS community turned more popular and started to flourish at a massive scale.

Standing in concurrent times – development of various tools

The dynamism that was imparted to the domain over the last few years accelerated further, and in today’s time, it has embraced a major part of the domain of IT technology. The most notable aspect was the development of innovative tools and applications that boosted the acceleration that the domain gathered.
  • A vagrant: This is an open source tool that is used for developing and retaining the portable Virtuality for the developers. Developers find lots of difficulties in managing the multiple stacks involved in the development process. This tool aims towards the elimination of these hassles and boosts the efficiency of the development process. 
  • GIT:  It is a distributed version of the control system and can be utilized as a server. It assists in fostering better access control as well as in displaying the repository content through the web. This tool comes beneficial in managing various repositories. 
  • CHEF: This is a tool for managing the configuration, and it ensures that all the software and files are readily available to the developers. Also, this tool assists in ensuring the perfect configuration and functionality of the applications and files. This tool mainly finds application in gigantic projects that will be having more than thousands of systems.

Watch below video to understand “What is Docker”

The concept of DEVOPS has come a long way, and as predicted by the experts, the domain is sure thrived to a significant extent in the days to come.

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

PMP Certification – How Much Can Be The Expenses In This Regard?

The certification for Project Management Professionals stands as the most reputed and coveted certification programs in today’s business world. Attaining this certification program, a professional finds better career potentials, across all types of industries and with all types of businesses. However, you need to consider the aspect of expenses for undergoing this course. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss on the key points in that regard.
Watch below video to understand “What is PMP Certification?
Expenses for PMP certification training- influential factors
The overall expenditures for undergoing the PMP certification is likely to vary, depending on the following conditions:
  • If the aspirant is taking an enrollment as the member with PMI
  • Whether the candidate is opting for a self-study model or seeking the guidance of the instructor.
  • In case the candidate decides to go to the Boot Camp of the certification program, the PMP certification training cost is likely to vary, depending on the choice of the training provider.
Training Cost if the candidate is taking a membership with PMI
Paying 139 USD for the membership with PMI, you will get manifold benefits of which the most important is the cost benefit. 
Primarily, a Nonmember will have to pay USD 555, compared with the amount of USD 405, as paid by the members of this institute. The examination fee that members pay, includes the expenses for study materials and knowledge materials, necessary for the course.
Thus, taking enrollment with PMI, you will not only save USD 150, but you will be getting access to various knowledge resources for this training program. In addition, members can download a complimentary copy of the 5th edition of PMBOK Guidebook, which is a crucial knowledge resource to prepare for this certification program. Members registered with PMI will enjoy free access to sample practice tests.
Members will require paying USD 128 each year to renew the membership.
Self-study model- the probable expenses
 As it is not necessary to undergo the formal training to appear on this test, you may choose the self-study model, If you find that it is meeting the desired results to qualify the test. You will require having 35 hours of training on Project Management, officially and you can certainly meet it through self-study. However, you should have undergone some course, related to project management. Aspirants, in such instances, will not have the compulsion to undergo official training for this certification program.
Attending training boot camp- the probable expenses
If you are deciding to go to the training boot-camp, you will be getting multiple options on training providers to embrace. Experts suggest the aspirants to attend these training camps as it ensures better results. These training providers will extend the aspirants the necessary coaching and guidance that will enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge to pass the certification examination.
 The expenses for preparing and undergoing the training for the certification can add up to a significant amount. Fortunately, you can explore a training provider that can extend you quality training, within affordable rates.
How to pass PMP exam in first attempt? Watch this video
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