Thursday, 14 July 2016

Assurance of Quality in the Six Sigma

The various features of the Six Sigma Quality assurances:

The following are the features to look for:

Assurance of Quality in the Six Sigma

The approach towards Six Sigma Quality:

The Six Sigma methods have managed to set some of the most outstanding benchmark and that too for the excellence. So how does it do it? Well it manages to increase quality. It does it by implementing the methodical quality management approach.

It is quite a name in every industry, the quality system by the Six Sigma of course! The industries like the healthcare or the BPO and the retail, takes this very seriously. These are the exact kind of state-of art projects that helps in testing of the products that are important and checking that they are doing their part in satisfying the customers fully. 

This is the exact motive based on which they are developed. The quality of the products are something that no one wants to compromise with and so the demand for the best is increasing on daily basis. The Six Sigma has now with the increase of these demands become a ray of hope for the organizations. 

The approach for Six Sigma Green Belt:

This is one approach that doesn’t only ensure the quality in that of the production, along with it also assures the quality which should stick till it is delivered. It is extremely important for any industry to keep up with the delivering quality if they do want the best customer satisfaction rates. Once this is achieved, then by no means can the companies suffer from any bad name at all. One must entrust the responsibility of the same to an officer. These officers are known as the quality assurance officers. 

The responsibilities of the quality assurance officers:

The following are the different responsibilities that one should know about:

  • The officer is responsible to take care of the quality of products as well as the services. They must ensure that it is happening. 
  • They have to ensure that the QA standards are properly being maintained.
  • He is supposed to understand that what are the reasons that the sales are dropping, if they are dropping at all?
  • They must ensure the fact that the definition of quality is known by all of the staff.
  • Also they are supposed to stay updated of every new changes that rare taking place in the field.

Differentiation of the Quality Control and the Quality Assurance:

The quality control:

It can be almost considered to be a system. It has routine processes and it also is made up of activities. These aregenerally used in measuring and controlling of the quality that can be found overall. 

The quality assurance:

The Quality assurance is definitely a process which is basically used in meeting of the expectation of the customers. A series of particular points are followed so that the goals of the quality management can be easily met. This system is basically gaining a popularity out of the imagination.

Every business needs to succeed and with increase in management of quality they definitely can.

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