Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Is PgMP Certification Valuable?

Being a program manager is not so easy; you have the duty to set the strategic goals for the good of your organization because you are senior level practitioner. There are several projects which can’t be done by any other PMI certified manager but a program manager like you who has the credibility of solving projects in such a coordinated way, so that it can be finished quickly and easily. These types of projects can’t be handled separately.

Is PgMP Certification valuable

Without a program manager and a matured management an organization can fall apart easily because of odd projects which are not successful. You need to be an instrumented leader. About 50-70% of the projects have been successful according to many reports in 2015 due to the maturity of the management. The Program Management Professional shows that you are capable doing things that other PMI certified managers also can’t do which is having distinct advantage in promotion and getting employed or recruited immediately.

Who should apply for PgMP certification?

A person who has the ability to manage different and multiple projects with ease and set functions and navigate strategic and complex activities, then it is proven that you are a potential candidate for PgMP certification.

Few Trends in PgMP credentials

War of PgMP talent and skill for the organizations
Economic recovery has been rough and uneven everywhere; PgMPs who have best experience of the lot will provide the greatest opportunities to grow further in their career for important assignments.You will find few countries who will continue to be plagued experience and agile PgMPs to manage multiple workloads and IT projects.

Leadership and skills of a practitioner managing all of the sorts
Featuring more complex projects and more use of the virtual teams – being on time and on budget will not only require a good focus on the triple constraints, but on the extraordinary leadership skills necessary for an individual PgMP’s success. The challenge for organizations will be to clearly define what does leadership means in the context of program management and show what their managers and candidates are worth of.

Common questions asked by the candidates

  • Where do I have to give the examination?
  • How can you describe the exam, what was it like?
  • Is this exam offered in many languages?
  • What if I fail? Can it be taken again?
  • If I am no more eligible for the examination due to expiration, what will happen?
  • What do I need to do to earn the credential?
  • Who are the reviewers?

What does it take to become a professional and why is it so extraordinary?

If you want to become a PgMP certified professional than you need to clear the PgMP examination.The examination has 170 different questions with evaluation panels. Nearly ¼ of them are related with program execution.And adding to that another half of the examination consists of program controlling and planning.And the rest is all about defining, initiating and closing the program.

Finally, it can be said that PgMP has an immense value at present in the current working world.

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