Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Get introduced to PRINCE2 method and also know about its key benefits in organizations

PRINCE2 is an internationally recognized method that is being used an almost all the project management organizations around the world. Organizations running on PRINCE2 method need to have employees trained up in the method or certificate holders of PRINCE2 certification courses. There are three levels of PRINCE2 depending upon the skills and designation of the employees in the organization. 

  • PRINCE2 Foundation certification course deals with the basic terminologies and techniques of the method. This level is best for the basic level employees of the organization who are involved in the PRINCE method. 
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner certification course implements the terminologies and techniques learnt in the Foundation course in practical environments. This level is for the departmental heads and similar designated employees. 
  • PRINCE2 Professional certification course is for the managers and other higher designated professionals who have the authority to take decisions in the organization. 

Now, the point is that what benefits that PRINCE2 can provide in an organization are. So, there is a list of such key benefits. 

Application of the method

You do not have to think about what your organization does and how big is your business structure. PRINCE2 method can be applied and implemented in any sector of project management and can be used in any organization irrespective of its size and shape. The method has the capacity to mold itself and offer the required result for organizations of different sizes and types. So, it is not late if you are implementing the method in an organization that is existing since a long time. And also it is not early if you are implanting the method in an organization that you have just started. 

Widely recognized

The method PRINCE2 as mentioned before is recognized throughout the world due to its various features. It offers a common language and system based on which the employees of a particular organization can work on a project. A defined structure for various processes such as communication, accountability and others is maintained to avoid confusion. Also the method mentions the proper roles and responsibilities of all the team members such as from the most junior employee of the organization till the managers of the organization who are involved in the system. 

Properly backed up by review and feedback

The method PRINCE2 develops on basis of various feedbacks that has been collected from the end users such as customers. Also regular developments and improvements are made in the processes of the method through the review panel that consists of 150 private and public sector organizations. This has made PRINCE2 the best practiced method now for the project management organization all over the world for providing great results with reduced risk factors. 

PRINCE2 is not only known for its adaptability, lesser risk factor, and other mentioned features. One more thing that makes PRINCE2 worth using in any project management organization is its compatibility with other various project management qualifications. The method mainly is considered to be the main framework of the project management, and hence it is very much compatible with other soft skills of project management. 

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