Monday, 20 July 2015

Creation of the Lean Six Sigma – A Boon for the Organizations

There has been an endless debate about which of the process among Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma can be beneficial for an organization. To know the difference between the two, it is very important to know about both the processes in detail. 

Creation of the Lean Six Sigma a boon for the organizations

Basics of the Process Six Sigma

The method Six Sigma was first designed to be incorporated mainly in manufacturing industries because the main feature of the process is to eliminate the wastage and defects of the organization system. It is very much useful in increasing the quality and efficiency the products as well as the processes of the business. But now the method is also used in a number of other industries apart from manufacture such as customer support and service delivery and also in many others. Nowadays Six Sigma holds an important place in various organizations and is a perfect tool to achieve measurable and at the same time authentic results. 

The Lean Approach 

Lean is also now one of the most important tools that are being used by many of the organizations. The main concept of Lean is that it is a process that helps in cutting out the unnecessary steps that can be taken while manufacturing a product. As per Lean, if a customer is willing to pay for a product then only it has its value. Hence, anything that does not have value is removed from the system. 

Differentiating the Process Six Sigma and the Lean Approach

It can be seen that the aim for both the processes are same that is to identify the unnecessary waste of the system and to remove it so that the organization can work on smoothly and effectively. But basically there is a very thin line of difference in between both the processes. The difference is that how both the processes identify such wastages in the organization that has to be removed. 

According Six Sigma, wastage occurs when some variations are adapted unnecessarily in the process. But as per the Lean, wastage occurs when some not so required and valueless steps are taken for the production process. 

Both the arguments are equally important and true and this is the reason that both the processes are equally helpful to an organization. As both the processes adds a lot of efficiency to the working of an organization and hence, finally Lean Six Sigma is created that is actually a combination of both Six Sigma and The Lean Approach. 

So, by now it has been understood that a combination of Six Sigma and The Lean Approach can be of great benefit to the working of an organization. Hence, by now there is also a certification course where you can get trained in this combined process of Lean Six Sigma. If you don’t have that much time to get trained in both the certification courses separately then this can be the perfect certification course that can offer you training of both Six Sigma and the Lean Approach together.

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